I love you
I love you
Life is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds.If your life isn't awesome, you've been watering the weeds.
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*wipes tears* sorry i took u for granted

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@5SOS Creepy smiles for everyone!


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but imagine Harry doing something cute and then Louis’ reaction being caught on camera

oh waitimage

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there are times in my life when i remember that harry has no gag reflex and that he literally spits out rainbows and makes cheesy jokes and loves men so much and throws shade and makes awesome swerves from stupid interview questions and had a princess themed 19th birthday party and wow i’m in too deep i can’t get out i’m so gone for this kid

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harry wore $5000 worth of clothes to jays wedding


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"if u ask me for a fuckin nacho imma fuckin stab u wit the fuckin nacho"


oh maybe u can have a nacho, u cute

here cutie have nacho

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best of harry styles lyric changes



this is the best one so far

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July 23, 8:22pm, 2010 - 2014

we will remember

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meeting harry today



so today my best friend and i went out to try and find harry AGAIN after looking for 9 hours yesterday. nothing happened for a while so we decided to drive around and see if we could see anything. all of a sudden we see a black porsche and we wanted to see if it was him, and it was. we somehow get behind his damn car after swerving through lanes and followed his damn car for about two blocks.. he turns onto a small side street and we did as well. ((BECAUSE HES HARRY FUCKING STYLES AND IM NOT JUST GOING TO KEEP GOING STRAIGHT IVE WANTED TO MEET THIS BOY FOR 3 YEARS)) so he makes a u turn and pulls beside us and my heart is racing 1,000 miles a minute. he rolls down his window, and i rolled mine down and this is how the conversation went. 
harry: please stop following me
me: can i please just get one picture harry please
harry: stop following me
me: ill stop following you just before you go can i please just one picture please 
harry: *raises his voice* stop! are you listening to me? you need to stop following me!! 
me: okay i’m sorry all i wanted was a picture i have been wanting to meet you for years, but just not like this. 
harry: stop following me!!!!
me: im sorry im sorry im sorry
harry: *speeds off* 
there was probably more context but its just a blur to me now. 

I just want to say, that following him was not my intention. I just wanted to see if we could see him in a shop or something so i could get a quick picture, so i could get it printed on my gravestone! haha Harry is the one person on this planet that i wanted to meet so bad, i have a lifesize cutout in my room for gods sake! I know i shouldn’t have followed him, it was wrong of me i get it. I just don’t think he should have raised his voice at me? Im so happy that i finally met him, i just wish it would have been under other circumstances. And to everyone who told me that i went to far, i know. I regret doing it. I cried for a very long time after filming that vine. I shouldn’t have said “i got into a fight with harry” i should have said argument. I’m done trying to find him, he got his point across. 

smh the boy can’t even fucking have a drive around the city where he lives without people getting up on his ass. yeah, he’s famous, yeah he’s a huge popular celebrity but there’s a line, and you crossed it. people seem to forget that the boys are humans as well, and they get a little antsy when someone invades their privacy. like how you did with harry. i don’t blame him one bit for getting upset. he could have said a lot more, but he only said “STOP FOLLOWING ME!!” and he made his point loud and clear.

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remember when one direction was on chatty man and liam was like yeah we go on tumblr all the time and search everything and the entire fandom was like TAKE ALL THE FANFICTION AND TRANSLATE IT INTO LATIN

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'Behind the whole world there's something that only we can share'


'Behind the whole world there's something that only we can share'

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Louis at Jays wedding


Louis at Jays wedding

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