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But what are they trying to achieve ????? Do they WANT them to lose popularity ? Is it their goal ? Is this why there is no promo about anything and why their last two music videos are the worst things in the world ??? i mean WHY. I literally don't understand. What is the strategy there. So confusing ?


Imagine it’s Christmas and you really want Malibu Beach Barbie (I dunno why, but you do) so you put her on your letter to Santa Claus and you beg your guardians day after day to get you this beautiful doll. 

You finally get the doll and it is everything you have ever wanted! She is stunning! All you want to do is play with her and touch her and enjoy your toy, but your parents tell you to put her on the shelf so she doesn’t get ruined. So you put her away and you watch her gather dust. You don’t experience any joy when you see her. You never got to actually play with her. She just sits there until finally you don’t know why you have her anymore.  

That to me is everyone involved in One Direction, who isn’t a member of One Direction. Louis does charities all the time. Niall is doing a charity event and Liam and Louis are joining in. Harry is a sugarplum who is constantly making sure his fans have a good experience. Liam can DJ with the best of them. Zayn is just the sweetest and will someday take over Marvel with his cheekbones. 

Yet they are still in the damn box gathering dust because after awhile their people have forgotten how to let them grow up. They could have the next long lasting band on their hands and instead they have given them a time stamp and are basically doing everything in their power to shove them into it. 

That is the issue. The boys are planning for longevity and their people aren’t.  



This fucked me up
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i’m reblogging it again, because it’s too good


i painted the flowers to make them feel pretty. just like what girls do to their faces.



But why is he so pleased about being on vocal rest?

#cause he suck dick or die tryin x


Midnight Memories vinyl


when you see a louis pic



louis is probably so cute when hes sleepy. he probably gets grumpy and yells at liam for something he did during the xfactor 



#this is how my brain works though #it’s just fast moving images of louis (x)


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